Carménère 2012

Sensorial Analysis

  • Color: Crimson Red
  • Nose: Intense plum with touches of spices
  • Fruit: Ripe Blackberries and plums

Tasting Notes

3Gen Carménère is made with 100% Carménère grapes.

The wine has a deep crimson color with a smooth texture complemented by a dry plum bouquet and an intense blackberry taste. Other spicy flavors and hints of cocoa make this a refined yet bold wine.

This wine is best served at 17ºC - 18ºC and compliments red meat, spicy cuisine, and pasta dishes.


  • Varietal: Carménère, 100%
  • Region: Curicó Valley, Chile
  • Geo Location: 200 meters above the sea level at latitude 35º South
  • Type: Vista Hermosa Estate, private vineyard with vertical trellis
  • Age: 30 years
  • Production: 8 Tons per hectare
  • Soil: Semi-sandy and clay
  • Plants: Traditional (produced from own roots)

Collection and transportation

  • Collection: in 18 Kg Boxes
  • Transportation: in 500 Kg Boxes
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